Repzion: Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Girlfriend and More (2023)

Wiki/Biography of Repzion

Repzion, whose real name is Daniel Sulzbach, is an American YouTuber known for his engaging content and diverse range of topics. Born on December 5, 1991, in Seattle, Washington, Repzion has been an active presence on YouTube since joining the platform in 2009. With a career spanning over a decade, he has gained a significant following and established himself as a prominent content creator.

Real name Daniel Sulzbach
Nickname Repzion
Date of birth 5th December 1991
Age 31 years old
Birthplace Seattle, Washington, United States
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Profession Youtuber
Nationality American
Religion Atheist
Marital status Unmarried
Girlfriend Maya Moore (ex-girlfriend)
Wife N/A
Youtube channel Repzion, ASMR Daniel, RepzGames
Youtube award Silver play button

Early Life and Background

Daniel Sulzbach, popularly known as Repzion, was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. From a young age, he displayed a passion for photography and an inclination towards procrastination. Despite his early interests, he eventually found his calling in the world of YouTube.

Career on YouTube

Repzion began his YouTube journey on December 21, 2009, when he uploaded his first video titled “Blades of Steel.” Since then, he has covered a wide range of topics on his self-titled YouTube channel. With a collection of 1.5K videos, he has garnered an impressive subscriber base of over 758K.

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In addition to his main channel, Repzion expanded his content creation to include other channels. On May 11, 2017, he launched a channel dedicated to ASMR called “ASMR Daniel,” although he is not as active on that channel. Then, on September 30, 2020, he created a gaming channel named “RepzGames,” where he shares videos related to popular games like Fortnite and GTA-5.

Repzion’s content is diverse, covering various subjects that resonate with his audience. He has cultivated a loyal following by offering his unique perspective on social issues, sharing personal stories, and engaging in thought-provoking discussions.

Personal Life and Family

Daniel Sulzbach, also known as Repzion, keeps his personal life relatively private. However, it is known that he has a strong bond with his family, and he was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. He has mentioned having one dog and a cat, indicating his affection for animals.

Physical Appearances

Repzion stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (approximately 173 cm) and weighs around 70 kg. He has black hair and brownish eyes. As far as known, he does not have any tattoos.

Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 70 Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye color Brownish
Tattoo No

Net Worth

Repzion has established various income streams through his YouTube channel. His estimated net worth is around $193,410, with an estimated yearly income ranging from $56,292 to $77,400. Additionally, his estimated monthly income falls between $3,770 to $5,060, and his YouTube earnings are estimated to range from $921 to $1,390. It is worth noting that these figures are subject to change based on various factors such as advertising revenue and brand endorsements.

Name Repzion
Yearly income $ 56.3K – 77.4K
Monthly salary $ 3.77K – 5.06K
Youtube earning $ 921 – 1.39K
Net Worth $ 193.41K
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Repzion Facts

  • Repzion enjoys drinking.
  • His favorite anime of all time is Cowboy Bebop.
  • When Repzion was 21 years old, he was kicked out of his house by his father after posting a video against Christianity.
  • In November 2017, his YouTube channel was hacked by Lizard Squad, a hacking group, resulting in a temporary takeover for approximately 10 hours.
  • Repzion has a passion for traveling and photography, further highlighting his diverse interests.

Social Media Presence

Repzion maintains an active presence on Twitter under the handle “@DDsulzbach,” where he interacts with his followers and shares updates about his content and personal life.

Twitter DDsulzbach


In conclusion, Repzion has made a significant impact on the YouTube platform over the past decade. With his engaging content, thought-provoking discussions, and diverse range of topics, he has amassed a dedicated following. As he continues to create and evolve his content, his influence as a prominent YouTuber is expected to grow further.

Repzion’s YouTube journey has been marked by both successes and challenges. Throughout his career, he has encountered various milestones and experiences that have shaped him as a content creator.

One of the noteworthy aspects of Repzion’s content is his ability to delve into social issues and offer his unique perspective. He fearlessly tackles topics such as mental health, online harassment, and societal norms, sparking conversations and encouraging his viewers to think critically. His candid and thoughtful approach has resonated with many, earning him a dedicated fan base who appreciate his willingness to address sensitive subjects.

In addition to his thought-provoking content, Repzion has also ventured into the world of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) on his channel “ASMR Daniel.” ASMR is a phenomenon characterized by soothing sounds and visuals that elicit a relaxing and tingling sensation in some individuals. Although Repzion’s activity on this channel is limited, it showcases his versatility as a content creator and his willingness to explore different genres.

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In September 2020, Repzion expanded his content creation further by launching his gaming channel, “RepzGames.” Here, he shares gameplay videos related to popular titles like Fortnite and GTA-5. This addition to his repertoire allows him to connect with a wider audience of gaming enthusiasts and showcase his gaming skills and commentary.

Despite his successes, Repzion has faced his fair share of challenges throughout his career. In November 2017, his YouTube channel was hacked by Lizard Squad, a notorious hacking group, resulting in a temporary takeover for approximately 10 hours. This incident was undoubtedly stressful and disruptive, but it also demonstrated the resilience and dedication of Repzion and his fan base, who supported him during the recovery process.

Related FAQ’s

What is Repzion’s real name?

Repzion’s real name is Daniel Sulzbach.

When was Repzion born?

Repzion was born on December 5, 1991.

Where is Repzion from?

Repzion is from Seattle, Washington, United States.

When did Repzion join YouTube?

Repzion joined YouTube on December 21, 2009.

What are Repzion’s YouTube channels?

Repzion has multiple YouTube channels, including his main channel “Repzion,” an ASMR channel called “ASMR Daniel,” and a gaming channel named “RepzGames.”

How many subscribers does Repzion have?

Repzion has amassed over 758K subscribers on his main YouTube channel.

What are Repzion’s favorite anime and hobbies?

Repzion’s all-time favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop. He also has a passion for photography and enjoys traveling.

Has Repzion faced any challenges or controversies?

Yes, in November 2017, Repzion’s YouTube channel was hacked by the Lizard Squad, a hacking group, resulting in a temporary takeover. Additionally, Repzion has been known for discussing controversial topics, which sometimes sparks debate and differing opinions among viewers.

What is Repzion’s net worth?

Repzion’s estimated net worth is $193,410. His income primarily comes from YouTube, brand endorsements, paid promotions, and affiliate marketing.

Does Repzion have a girlfriend or wife?

Repzion is currently unmarried. He was previously in a relationship with Maya Moore, but they are no longer together.